How do I get a refund for my subscription?

Please follow the steps according to the provider you used to purchase a subscription with TinyTap. 

Paid Through our Website?

1. Login to

2. Click on "Cancel and refund" 

Paid Through the Google Play Store?

1. Request a refund directly from Google here

       If they have declined your refund, or you were unable to request one:

1. Fill out our contact us form 

2. Be sure you've provided the order # starting with GPA (we cannot issue a refund without this number). 

3. Your GPA number is found on your receipt sent from Google. 

Paid Through Apple?

Apple manages all its subscriptions and purchases directly. This means that we are not able to refund, cancel, or manage accounts created through Apple.

1. Request a refund directly from Apple using this link 

2. You can also click here to start your refund request through Apple’s automated system.

3. Or watch this video to learn how through the app store


Paid Through PayPal?

If you used your PayPal account to actually pay Google Play or Apple, please follow the instructions above, according to which provider you used. 

If you used PayPal to pay our website:

1. Fill out our contact us form 

2. Be sure to include your PayPal receipt. We must be able to see the transaction number

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