Promote your games on social media

You've created a fun educational game, with a great design, quality audio narration and engaging activities - now what?

Start spreading the word!

Social media is the best place to start promoting your games. It's free, easy to use and will drive traffic to your profile and games. 

Here are 6 tips to get you started with promoting your games on social media:

  1. Start with the platforms you already use.
    There are many social media platforms out there - where do you begin?
    We recommend to start where you already are. For example, do you love tweeting? Start tweeting about your games!
    If you’re using Twitter or Instagram, you already know how important hashtags are. Remember to use hashtags when you share your games, such as: #EdChat #EdLeaders #Edu #Education #Educhat and discover new hashtags that are relevant to your creations.

  2. Update your profile.
    After choosing your social media platforms, it's really important that you fully update your profile. For example, on Instagram, we recommend that you update your profile pic (or logo), website (you can use your TinyTap profile URL), and, of course, update your bio. In your bio, write a few lines about yourself and how your followers can benefit from your feed.

  3. Create different Pinterest boards.

    Pinterest is a great platform for creators. One of its many advantages is its niche targeting, allowing you to create different boards in your profile for different content categories.

    For example, you can have one board for Preschool English Activities and a separate one for 2nd Grade Math Concepts. They both contain educational games you’ve created, but each of them will attract different audiences.
    Remember, Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a Tweet.

  4. Post consistently & regularly.
    Let's talk about commitment. If you want to survive in the jungle of social media, you need to share your content on a regular basis. Posting at least once a week will keep your followers interested and engaged and drive more traffic and plays.

  5. Become an active community member.

    Facebook communities can be the perfect place to promote yourself as a creator.
    You can easily find and join groups that are focused on your interests and join the conversation. Become an active member, by helping others, giving advice or simply sharing your games as inspiration.

    Use the search bar and find groups that are linked to your areas of expertise.

  6. Don’t just share a link, tell a story.
    When sharing the games you’ve created, tell your followers how they can benefit from them.
    If you’re sharing in a teachers community (like TinyTap Educators), tell a short story about the creation process and what motivates you.
    Don't just share links, write a few words about how kids can benefit from your content, and what skills they will develop from playing your game.

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